This is our 2nd year to host a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party. Both years we’ve invited the Hays family, the Clayton family and my sister’s family over to spend a morning decorating Christmas cookies. All together that accounts for 15 children under the age of 13. It’s great fun. πŸ™‚

dscf1034.jpgNo seriously – we have a blast. Everyone brings their own pre-cooked cut out sugar cookies and I provide all the icing and toppings that I can find! This year we even had a contest for most artistic, most creative and most calorific cookie. There was a 4th category but I can’t remember now what it was…

In case you are wondering…we move all the furniture out to the walls of the living room, drape them with sheets, and set up long tables and let the kids have at it. I have tile floors. So it works for now! I’m not sure what we’ll do when we finally put carpet in the living room – but that’s several years off (surely!!) so I’m not TOO worried about it yet! The toddlers have a little table set up in the kitchen area which includes ONLY white icing and red and greem M&M’s. It works best that way. If you decide to do one of these parties, I would also suggest assigning seats before the kids arrive. We even put place markers down this year – in an honest effort to honor the young ladies at the table…. we put all the 12 yr olds at the far end of the table, all the 6 yr olds at the other end of the table and the boys in the middle. It really worked out well!

I was only disappointed that it all ended so quickly and we never got 1 photo of all the kids gathered together. I wanted a stair stepped photo of them – next year for sure!

Anyway – here’s the slide show of all the photos and a Picasa Web Album if you’d like to save any of the photos to your own hard drive.

Also, here’s a video of Ean actually eating his cookie that was 3″ high with icing and decorations!!