Two Years and 472 posts later…

I just realized I’ve been blogging for 2 years now. My archived section goes all the way back to December 2005. I was a completely different person 2 years ago. Entirely different!!

In fact, the blog was started because I was reading a book called Domestic Tranquility by F. Carolyn Graglia. It’s a powerful book that traces the origins of the feminist movement and it is really one of my favorite reads because … well mainly because it’s written on such an intellectual level, quite frankly, and it “unpacks” feminism and “unpacking” issues is one of my favorite past times. I’m always asking, “But WHY is that the way it is, or the way I am, or the way you are??” So anyway….back to the book. I was reading the book one section at a time and then picking one element of that section and journaling something that really caught my attention. The articles I wrote were edited and then published on a prominent “reformed christian women’s website.” The articles were later removed, at my request, when we removed ourselves from a certain circle of influence. But I had archived the articles on this blog, as a way to archive them online somewhere and that is how the blogging got started!

No that’s not right. I had started another website.  Oh I had completely forgotten about that site!  LOL!  Talk about things you “believed in” but didn’t really believe in. I never felt like such a hypocrite until I put up that website!

Anyway I can’t believe 2 years have gone by since I started blogging. Seems like it was ages ago.  And I just added up…and between all my blogs…which I’ve imported all into this 1 blog, I have 472 posts, not counting this one. That’s insane. That’s like….20 posts a month. Crazy.

Well Claire is waiting, patiently, for me to finish so we can go bake cookies with Dr. Tenniswood today! So I better go. And then I can take more photos and then have more on my computer to blog about…in the future….LOL!!



  1. I went back and scanned some of those blog posts after reading your summary blog. Whew! You know, I have read a lot of that stuff myself. Someone said in church the other day to preach the Word, not your convictions. Doesn’t that sound like what has happened and just run rampant with this whole Biblical patriarchy movement? You know, someone got convicted and then just somehow managed to turn it into a doctrine.

    It sounds so much like every other “movement” in the past. The Word of faith movement, the holy laughter movement, etc etc.


  2. Hey Sarah! Yes – I think that’s exactly what has happened with the patriarchy movement. Someone got “convicted” and began supporting their conviction by aligning Scripture to their “convictions” and thus turning something that is not supposed to be a cornerstone of our faith into a false doctrine. This is a very convoluted way of maturing from “milk to meat” though it is very self-serving and even lends itself to the appearance of self-sacrificial. That’s the beauty and the deception all in one. And that’s what makes it so cultish. It’s hard to discern the deception because it all just sounds like it’s all so right on. And I’m starting to understand why I got sucked into it but I’m not ready to blog about it just yet. All that is forthcoming. I’m starting to work through that in counseling. It really is hard to walk away from that lifestyle when you really really really believe that you are following the “one true path” of Christianity – then to wake up and realize you’ve been deceived and you’ve missed out on the one true thing…Jesus himself….well it’s a lot to process. And I’m not even saying that all who believe in patriarchy are cultists – but I am very apprehensive about anyone who defines themselves in similar terms. I see it used a lot on Christian blogs and it is very repellent to me. I wonder what God thinks about it.


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