Honestly – there aren’t very many photos of me and my children. I rarely am in family photographs, unless my kids take the photos and then those are usually from funny angles or they are blurry or they are of body parts that don’t make sense….like ankles …. elbows….etc.

But anyway – tonight Claire and Hannah and I went to Claire’s Mother’s Day Out Christmas Program. Claire did NOT want to get up on stage and perform with her friends but she wanted to attend the program. Hannah was the official photographer for the event and she actually did a really good job taking this photo of Claire and I! Hannah is 6. I am 31. And Claire is 3 1/2. For the record. And we all enjoyed the program very much.

Claire has decided though, that she does NOT want to return to Mother’s Day Out in the spring and since she’s only 3 1/2, I am going to let her be in charge of herself. She’s totally a Mommy’s Girl and I’m OK with that! She’s 3 1/2. She’s supposed to be with me full time!

Claire and Mommy