Adri landed the lead role in our church’s Christmas pageant this year. It was a perfect fit. He did a fantastic job. He even had to sing 2 solos and he did it! I never had the nerve to sing solos. I can barely speak to an audience much less sing by myself! I’m OK in a choir – but a solo!! No way! I’m UBER proud of him!!

So a short synopsis of the play is that Leon is a really bad actor but he wants to be in his church’s Christmas pageant. He auditions for every part in the play but the director doesn’t cast him. Finally, the director lets Leon be the understudy to the inn keeper and Leon is ever so greatful. The inn keeper has 2 words in the whole play, “No Room” and Leon takes his role very seriously – he shows up to every practice and drives everyone in the play crazy. They all underestimate Leon – and when the big day arrives…the inn keeper gets sick and Leon has to stand in. He is nervous – but does a great job – and in the end – he steals the show when he changes the course of the play. When he is supposed to turn Mary and Joseph away from the inn, he can not. He does say, “No Room…” but as he is pressured by Joseph, Leon…the Inn Keeper, has a change of heart, and he calls after Mary and Joseph, and he offers them HIS room. He sings a song called, “You Can Have My Room Jesus” which..honestly…is quite moving because it’s about the sacrifice we should all make as we die to ourselves so that Christ can be our Saviour and God can be our Lord.

Here is “Leon” auditioning for the part of the angels! The play called for the angels to be a girl, but Leon argued that angels in the Bible were actually boys so the director in the play had to let him audition! That is SO Adri!!!


In this scene, Leon has just been cast as the “understudy for the inn keeper” and he is telling his fellow cast mates. They are teasing him and telling him that he should go home and study hard for the “two words” that he has to memorize. Leon, just like Adri, doesn’t really take any of the teasing to heart, he blows off the character attacks and presses on towards the goal – to be the best understudy that he can be… JUST in case!


Here is the best photo I could get of Adri singing his solo, “You Can Have My Room, Jesus.” He sang another short solo at the beginning of the play but I don’t have any good photos from that due to lighting.


And this is Adri’s choir teacher, Mrs. Reiffert. She, and Mr. Clark (the other choir teacher at school) helped Adri learn his two solos by giving him after school tutoring. She then rearranged her Sunday morning to come attend the performance so she could be there to support Adri on his big day! THAT is dedication, love and support. It really touched my heart that she came. And Adri was just beaming with pride when he saw her – he bolted straight to her and gave her the biggest hug. It was priceless. I love the fact that there are other trustworthy, good, Christian, loving, caring, nurturing adults in Adri’s life willing to sacrifice their time, their love and their help as they support us in our efforts to train him up in the way he should go…..


Adri – you are phenomenal. You know you drive me crazy – but at the end of every day – the fact is – I love you more and more. You are an amazing child of the King right now and you are going to be an amazing man of God one day! I love you bunches!!