Yes. I am Live Blogging. I’m blogging about this incredible trip from Chicago to Indianapolis. No one would believe how incredibly boring this drive is. No offense to my chauffeur, mind you. But seriously, we are driving on what has to be, next to the road trip through New Mexico, the most boring drive ever. There’s absolutely nothing for miles on end. Just dead trees. Or what looks like dead trees – they just have all lost their leaves for the winter so they look dead.

I imagine in Fall it must be a pretty drive – but not so much really in the winter. And..hee hee… it’s not even winter yet. Just think how dreary Indiana Hwy 65 S is when it’s nothing but piles of black snow…. blech.

In the future, when I might begin to tire of the scenery in San Antonio – I’m going to think of Indiana Hwy 65 and that should put things in perspective for me.  I’m sure the entire stretch of highway is not as boring as THIS stretch is – but pretty much the entire drive back from the Illinois/Indiana border to Indianapolis is … to put it nicely …. perfect for taking a nice long nap in the car! Ha! Thank goodness for laptops, wireless internet and battery back up power sources. Now I’m entertained!

I have never been much of a cold weather person, but this trip has really validated that self-knowledge. I can tolerate the cold in Texas, but…um…no thank you to living in the North. We drove up to McHenry, Il. on Saturday afternoon and then Sunday we drove to Wisconsin. George lives in McHenry now and he’s only 15 minutes or so from the Wisconsin border. So we took a short road trip. We had a great time walking around the little town Lake Geneva. It’s a little resort town that sits right on one of the Great Lakes – don’t ask which one b/c I have no idea. I’m assuming Michigan – but I’m sure that’s an entirely wrong assumption. And since this is not a home schooling adventure, I’m not even gonna look it up.

On the way back home from McHenry, we stopped to pick up my …. gosh what do I call her now … well whatever, I’m not going to call her my ex-sister-in-law so I’m just gonna call her my sister. My sister Bri lives in Evanston still as she is still working on her Ph.D. at Northwestern Uni. We picked her up and took her to Starbucks for coffee right before she had class. She seemed happy and relaxed. I know this sounds crazy – but the divorce has been really good for her and my brother. They were both totally unhappy in their marriage. Thank goodness they never had children.

We just got out of the car to take a little break at this dairy farm called Fair Oaks Dairy. If ever you find yourself bored to death on Hwy 65 and you think it would be fun to check out the dairy farm and gift shop – save yourself the trouble. Unless you are just itching for some Starbucks coffee and generic gift shop merchandise that’s made in China but packaged exclusively for Fair Oaks Dairy. HAHAHA. Um. No thanks to the $9.99/lb chocolate dipped pretzels. We’ll stop at the gas station in a bit and pick up some M&M’s. 🙂

I am gonna close off for now. I need to look up how to get to downtown Indianapolis from here so we can go see the Worlds Largest Christmas Tree as shown in the previous photo on this blog. It really is the World’s Largest. I can’t wait. It’ll be freezing cold by the time we get there – but that’s ok – I don’t have to be out of the car THAT LONG….