So after visiting with George the previous night, we decided to take another road trip up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin – since it was only about 15 minutes from George’s house. Sadly, I never got a magnet from Wisconsin, as I’ve been collecting them all year from all the different towns I’ve been to. But that’s ok – it was SOOOOO cold that I didn’t want to be out any more than necessary!  We really enjoyed our walk around the little resort community though. Actually during the day it wasn’t so bad, weather-wise. But as dusk started to fall it got really cold, really fast. And let me tell you – I might look comfy but I was wearing a LOT of layers under all that and STILL freezing! I could never live up North. Nope. No thanks. It was a great visit though. The lake was beautiful!

This was the only photo of me and Mom at the lake that wasn’t blurry. The wind was blowing really strong on the shoreline!


I don’t have too many photos of me and George where one of us isn’t making a goofy face or acting stupid, so I’m really happy this one turned out and I can’t wait to frame it! I will have to tidy up the hair that is blowing behind my head – but other than that – it’s picture perfect!


We ate at a restaurant called Popeyes!  (Oh my! They are on the WWW!)  It was (obviously) NOT the chain fried food place – and they have really really yummy food!