Isn’t that gorgeous!!  I hope I get to see it!  I am going to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving weekend!  By  myself!  To see my Mom!  I’m so excited!  A real holiday for ME!  Doesn’t that sound just oh. so. selfish???  Maybe it is – but so many times we moms do not take the time we need for ourselves. I don’t need to elaborate – you know it’s true!  I’m excited to have a weekend away from everyone just relaxing and resting and visiting with my Mom. We may drive up to Illinois to see my brother, but I don’t know – I’m looking forward to some serious down time!

And I bet they will light this big Christmas Tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and maybe we’ll get to go see it! That would be fun!

Can’t wait! Maybe I’ll even post photos from Indianapolis. I’m still trying to find time to organize and post all the photos from Chicago!  🙂

I’ve travelled a LOT this year. In March I flew up to Dallas, for a weekend by myself – to take my ballet exam and attend the seminar – so it was more work related. In May we flew to Chicago for our first Family Vacation in 10 years (or so). And now in 2 weeks I’m gonna fly off to Indianapolis! I’ve never been to Indiana before so I’m looking forward to seeing this part of the country during the fall!

YAY!  I didn’t think I’d get to go because of all the unbudgeted expenses we had in August that kind of drained my bank account…but it worked out and I’m so excited!!