The following is about Pirkko Lawlor, one of the guest teachers this past weekend at the ballet seminar. I was so impressed with her – she actually made me cry at one point because she is SO MUCH LIKE MY GRAMMA (whom I miss – she passed away 3 yrs ago)  It’s uncanny. Not her looks so much, but her countenance. 

This story below, regarding her family, is so sweet and encouraging. Talk about having a multigenerational vision!  With Pirkko it’s all about passing on tradition to the next generation. She’s amazing. I want to move to Florida so I can study with her!  (Don’t worry…I’m not going anywhere…I already have one of the best Cecchetti Coaches EVER….but I’m just saying…I kinda would love to take ballet from “my Gramma”! HA!)

I’ve included a snippet that I appreciated…bad training is NEVER OK ….especially not for children!

The Lawlors are concerned about the effect that undertrained and unqualified
instructors have on their students.

“I’ve seen spoiled backs and feet” on students who have been improperly trained,
Pirkko Lawlor said, shaking her head.

“We are given an incredible amount of power. We take in our hands the most
beautiful possession — children,” she said. “A healthy soul and a healthy body, it
is so important that you encourage that.”

“When children have this training, it stays with them for the rest of their lives,”
Pirkko Lawlor said. “They’ve learned to accept hard work.”