Today at Millberger’s, Claire was a little uneasy with the Halloween decorations used to give the hay maze some creepy “ambiance”.  I also thought the decorations were grotesque and I really don’t get it. I really don’t get why anyone, Christan or not, can think it’s ok to display creepy, gory, scary things for kids to revel in. Like. Seriously. How can that be good for any child’s mind and spirit?  I’m not trying to be judgemental, I just don’t understand the disconnect there.

Today, in the hay maze, I took the opportunity to start training Claire to avert her eyes from evil things and find something else to look at and think about.  I’ve trained my other children to “turn away from the appearance of evil” and so Halloween is not scary for them – they scoff at the decorations and we are free to actually go out in public during September and October vs. keeping them at home, sheltered, from any minutely scary object. The kids know it’s just trash and it glorifies the darkness of Satan and death and we know there is no power in the dark because Jesus is the Son and he brings the light and eternal life! So – Halloween decorations really have no influence on my older kids anymore.  Claire is a little bit affected by some of the graphic stuff – but she’s only 3, so she’s still learning how to deal with it.

We don’t celebrate Halloween at all. Or I should say, we haven’t ever celebrated any aspect of Halloween. This year, however, I am going to let the kids attend the Fall Festival at the church we are attending. I grew up doing this kind of thing at my church and it didn’t warp my sense of spirituality. I knew it was so that we could go out and do something fun – like our school friends were getting to do with their trick or treating. But I never saw it as the same thing. We didn’t trick or treat at Church – we had a festival and it was just a fun time for the church to get together and fellowship. I always enjoyed it.

The church’s fall festival is on the Sat. before Halloween and I am looking forward to it!  Adri is looking forward to Halloween being over with – because on November 1st we raid the stores for cheap candy…. LOL!!  Hey! Why not?!?!