This morning I had an appointment with the Sr. Pastor of the church we are now attending. He’s fantastic, by the way, but I’m going to save that for another post. On the way over, we passed by Millberger’s Landscaping Company – a local nursery. Claire shouts out, “Oh Mom! I want to go see that water fountain!” Well the weather is just beautiful outside (save the allergens!) and we really didn’t have any other plans except to come home and clean the living room….so of course, I gave in. And on the way back from the appointment with Pastor Randolph we pulled into the nursery.

And what fun we had!  Not only did we get to examine every kind of flower I could think of, we got to count how many water fountains there were, we watched and laughed at the Koi fish in the fish tanks that thought we were there to feed them, we chased a rooster and a chicken, and we sat on a swing and talked about God’s fingerprints in the different pumpkins – how each pumpkin is different, just like us, and how God made us all different for HIS Glory – to show us how vast and how indescribable God really is. I know this was a little deep for Claire – but I was thinking….if we are ALL made in the image of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – God is so infinitely amazing. We will never have a clear understanding of who He is until we are on our face, before Him, praising Him for His Son, Jesus Christ. 

So since that was so deep…too deep for Claire anyway….we just sang the “Jesus loves us this we know” song. 

And. The very best part was that Millberger’s has erected a hay maze!  It’s a little creepy because it’s also decorated for Halloween, but at the end of the hay maze is one of those “jumpy castles” that are filled up with air. And it’s all free!!!  If you have the time, take the time to take your children to Millberger’s and visit the hay maze, jumpy castle, and explore their nursery. It really was wonderful and a much better value than paying $15+ to visit the botanical gardens! (We’ll be going there too – but only because they have a Dora and Diego exhibition up and I know Claire will totally enjoy that! 

Google Millberger’s San Antonio, find the location closest to you and see if they have a hay maze!  The one we visited was on the corner of 1604 and Bulverde. They said it’s their first year doing this.