It really is a lovely time of year.

If you can fully enjoy it.

I, however, have decided that Summer is my favorite season here in the Deep South. It is the only time of year that I don’t have to deal with allergic rhinitis. That means, for me, very sore nasal passageways and chronic sinus infections. I’m calling an allergist tomorrow because I want to have allergy testing done so I can get on some good state of the art drugs that will alleviate the symptoms…even if they do obliterate my liver! My nose HURTS and I’ve had a sinus infection for weeks now that I just can not get cleared up.

Β Not to mention that everyone in the family is sneezing, coughing, or snoring. Snoring is a symptom of allergies, if you didn’t know. Really. And not to mention that we have 3 huge oak trees in our front yard – one of Adri’s major allergens. I’m very tempted to cut them down. It would be futile though, considering that the rest of the neighbors probably wouldn’t be as sensetive to all our allergies and follow suit. So. We’ll live.

Honestly, winters in Texas are annoying because of Cedar season. Spring is simply flu and hay fever season. Summer is (usually) miserably hot. And fall doesn’t bring a change in leaves, it brings a change in your ability to breathe normally and without discomfort.

I really am thinking about moving to Wisconsin. πŸ™‚ Land is cheap. I’d probably home school again because I’d have no choice considering the lack of population in Wisconsin – there probably wouldn’t be a school for miles!!

It’s like 2am or something insane – ok only 1:30 am – and I’m awake because Royce has been in bed hacking away. I woke him up about 30 mins ago and made him take some Benadryl Sinus med. so that I could sleep. He’s finally quieted down so I’m thinking I may head to bed soon. After a few more posts and then catching up on a few other blogs here and there.

Maybe by next Monday, with enough drugs and prayer, we can all start feeling better. Honestly everyone is stuffy, tired and just generally worn down from the allergies right now. It’s enough to drive one to the brink of insanity (re: living in Wisconsin.)