Lady in line at McDonalds, today, “No, really, I know you from somewhere…”
Me, “Hmmm…” after giving her several options of the different circles I run in (work, ballet, soccer, etc), “…well…do you home school?”  I figured I knew her from some home school organization.

She says, “Yes!  I just started!!”

To which I joyfully declare, “Oh!  Well!  Then that’s not it because I just quit!!”

“You quit??  Home schooling???”
Me, “Yes and OH MY!  It’s been SO WONDERFUL!!”

hahahaha  I felt kinda bad afterwards. I hope that wasn’t discouraging to her though!

And then we got the playground and I remembered one of the main reasons I did actually enjoy home schooling. Personal convenience. The playland was overcrowded with children due to the day being a school holiday. It was noisy, smelly, stuffy and overcrowded with too  many shrill voices (one belonging to my own Claire Bug) for this mama. Especially this mama with a sinus infection. We ate the junk food and quickly left.

Of course, being able to eat a peaceful meal at McDonalds is NOT a good enough reason to home school, folks!!