Hannah had her follow up appointment at Texas Scottish Rites Hospital in Dallas yesterday. Dr. Birch is the orthopedist we see there. He’s a very nice man and very sensible. He doesn’t seem easily swayed one way or the other where Hannah’s scoliosis is concerned.

We had a great visit. Dr. Birch has officially declared Hannah’s curve as “stable” and he doesn’t need to see her back for one whole year!!! Her curve measured 41 degrees yesterday while standing (load bearing). It measured 39 degrees when she was 12 months old, while laying down (non load-bearing). So – there is major improvement actually! I think all the work Sean Kelly has done on her back has paid off!

So we are in the clear for 1 year unless I notice she is standing funny, sitting funny, or begins to have restriction in her movement. Dr. Birch stated that her spine is functioning normally and there is NO REASON to disrupt that.

I was SO EXCITED to hear that. It’s what I’ve been waiting for! I should have taken Hannah up to the Scottish Rites Hospital YEARS ago – but I was still just convinced that Dr. Campbell was “the best of the best.” I’ll have to eat my words on that one. He definitely turned out to not be the best doctor for Hannah. I’m sure he’s fabulous with other more high profile cases. πŸ™‚

AND – I just can’t rave enough about this hospital – it is efficient, well appointed and the staff is all super friendly. Everyone deals with Hannah the child, not Hannah the patient nor Hannah’s Mom the Overseer. They talk to her on her level, ask her about things she’s interested in, and just make the trip really enjoyable for her. I noticed they did this with all the children – which makes children feel really important and very grown up. In fact, Hannah was so comfortable in the setting that she didn’t even freak out when it was time for x-rays. It’s has always been quite an ordeal!!! (You’d think – having to have xrays every 4-6 months her entire life, it’d be quite easy for her…but no….)