Joy – this is for you!! Here’s a response to the lengthy comment you left on the Adult ADD post!!

Have you ever read anything about the hormones in meat affected the development of young girls?

Yes. We still eat crap meat. Have you read about the hormones in milk that are affecting young girls development. We are now drinking raw, organic cows milk. And I’m going to start shopping at the Farmer’s Market on Sat. mornings that is just down the street from us. But other than that – I’m not going to stress out about it. What can I do. I don’t live on a farm. (Sadly.)

You have been very prolific of late…lots of posts!

Lots of rambling thoughts really – I’m not sure I’d consider my blogging to be very impacting as of late.

I tip a standard 20% but give or take according to quality of service. (Easier to figure than 15 hahaha)

That’s awesome!! I know your server appreciates it!

Wow, what changed your mind about homeschool!? Not that it’s a bad thing, I’m just surprised.

There are a myriad of issues regarding this latest development in our family life. I’ll fill you in October.

Anything new with the surgery?

Yes! I posted below – she’s STABLE!!!! No surgery – possibly never!!

Are you still teaching dance?

Yes! I am teaching 3 classes/week and looking into adding more as I am able. I hope to be in a full time teaching position by the time Claire starts Kindergarten.

Okay and I saved this for last because it really burns me up, who the heck would ever encourage their daughters to be at the total mercy of a fallable man and NOT prepare themselves for their own future by goign to school??!!! ARRRGH! That should be considered child abuse. Not that any girl should be REQUIRED to go to school, but to tell her she shouldn’t in order to be a good wife and mother is insane! I mean what man can you guarantee will always be faithful, not to mention-what if he dies???? UGH! Be prepared is what I tell my girls. Okay, that’s enough.

THANK YOU! I don’t have to name names, I am not referencing any one person. But rather the institution of ultra-conservative extra-biblical christians who have contrived notions about what IS the “one true way” for Christians to live in this day and age. It’s OK for Christian Home Schooled Girls to get a College Degree!

Some say that the institution of college is juxtaposed to the Christian worldview. Ok. So what if it is? I have to say…me learning what the theory of Evolution is and me passing my science class with an A because I can accurately answer questions regarding the theory of evolution does NOTHING to sway my beliefs in Creationism. There are two thoughts that really influence my belief in this. The first is that if you have trained your children correctly in the way they should go – when they are all grown up … they will not depart from those teachings – that IS what the Bible says. I mean, if 19yr old Christians can’t handle the atmosphere at College – then perhaps their parents didn’t do such a good job to begin with. OR….perhaps … and this is going to sound CRAZY to some….but perhaps God has a completely different walk that HE wants that child to go through IN SPITE of their good solid Christian upbringing and that the spiritual fate of my child is outside of my control….well that is a scary place to be. Either way – I’m trusting God for His goodness and mercy in my child’s life – with or without a college education. But I’m not trusting some man to be faithful to my daughter forever or for my daughters to not be faithful to their husbands forever. There’s been many a home schooling moms who have floundered in affairs and have lost everything. Better I do my job as I know it is – prepare them for the future – and then leave the rest up to them and God.

Again. A rambling thought process there….

Meg and I will be there Oct. 12-16. Wanna do Starbucks again?

YES!!!!! Absolutely! Can’t wait!