Christian Mother of 5 was just sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON for capital murder in the death of her young son who died from a misdiagnosed medical condition. This is a TRUE STORY. Hannah is a young mother with a long life ahead of her. Pray for this family! And those of you in positions of power – do something.


Statement From Pastor Rod 9/12

Written by Rod Carver
Wednesday, 12 September 2007
Sample ImageA very gentle and loving mother of 5 was sentenced today for failing to act or provide medical attention for her son, whom, unknown to her, had ingested something that would ultimately kill him.  Nine months of CPS investigation could not find her guilty of child abuse.  Ten months of the DA’s investigation and 8 days of testimony could not convince the jury that she purposely poisoned this little boy.

What is she guilty of?  Not discerning the signs of salt intoxication from the signs of a common flu.  Now five children are without a mother.

Did she act?  When cold, she warmed him with a blanket and a warm bath.  When his breathing was affected she gave him a breathing treatment.  When he did not respond to her care, she rushed him to the hospital and on the way he stopped breathing.  Is this failure to act?  At the hospital the doctors even shot sodium into his veins because they also did not recognize the signs of salt intoxication.

Sample ImageMothers and fathers of small children, fear this verdict and pray for Hannah who has already suffered the consequences of an misinformed media, a zealous police investigator, CPS trying to cover themselves politically and the DA who continues to stir up emotions about child abuse when none was proven.

For all the Christians out there, understand this, Hannah’s simple faith was used against her as the prosecution incessantly sought to make her out to be a religious sociopath. 

Average citizens know that these are contributing members to our city, they own a business and home, pay taxes and give of themselves to social causes.

Hannah herself is still praying for those who have declared her their enemy.  She has not lost hope in her God and neither have we.  We do not hate but hope.  We do not grind our teeth in anger but reach out with the love and grace the Lord has planted in our hearts and seek to represent that grace even toward those who have championed this great injustice.

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