Today was a busy day for Adri. He had a lot of “first events” to hurdle. He did really well and even broke some records we hadn’t really considered we’d be jumping over today!

Today was the first soccer game of the season.
He got to play in the first quarter.
He scored the first goal of the game and first goal of the season.
He was our first player to get injured during a game this season.
He was our first player to get pulled out of the game due to injury EVER!

And he is now our first kid to break a bone!

Adri’s left wrist took the brunt of a soccer ball during the last quarter of the game and he was in so much pain that I knew, immediately, he had broken something. We went to the Emergency Medical Clinic close to the soccer complex and the xrays proved it – his left arm has a break. It’s not horrible – and he’s not even in a lot of pain – just uncomfortable. They splinted it up real good so it’s totally immobilized and put him in a sling. I’ll have to call an Orthopedist on Monday to get an appointment to determine what needs to happen next.

He’s SO BUMMED. He’s out of soccer for a few weeks, at least, possibly the whole season. I’m SO BUMMED!  Soccer is the only thing that wears him out enough so he goes to sleep at night!!  LOL!!