I received this in my email from a very reliable source. I’ve contacted the original author to validate the story. I’m posting online now and it will remain here unless I hear it is not a true story. Thanks for reading and think SAFETY FIRST!  I changed the names of the children and parent to protect identity.

I am writing to let you all know of a very true, very scary incident that happened to my girls and I on Wed. 9/5.  I was home alone with Little Girl #1 and Little Girl #2 and a man came to our door saying he was a tree trimmer here to do work.  He asked me to open the door, but I didn’t (I never do unless I know them).  He kept asking me to open the door, saying he couldn’t hear me.  I told him we weren’t interested.  He didn’t leave.  He jumped over our front bushes and went around to our front window and started banging on them telling my girls to have mommy open the door.  I went over to the windows and he asked if I was home alone, was my husband home?  He then made several inappropriate comments to my daughters and ONLY left after I threatened to call the police.  I got his license plate & I did notify the police & discovered he is a suspect in a sexual assault against a woman where he posed as a tree trimmer and when she opened the door he forced his way inside.  He is a very real threat.  Please think twice before opening your door to ANYONE.  We talked to all of our neighbors and posted fliers in our neighborhood.  Notify your neighborhood association and they can send him a letter telling him that if he comes into your neighborhood he can and will be arrested for trespassing….and then call 911 if you see him.  His description is below.

He is a light skinned hispanic male, 40’ish,  He drives a 1999 white Dodge Ram pickup truck , 2 dr, license plate 19CKW4.  He claims to work for J C Tree Trimming.  This is the second contact he has made at our home & attempted this with another woman in our neighborhood.  He has been seen in neighborhoods where the citywide trash pickup is taking place.