**New Category for things I want my kids to know about me – that I forget to tell them.**

I have a 2.5″ by 4″ square on my foot where the skin is a shade lighter than the rest of my body. That’s because when I was 18 I suffered a 2nd degree burn on my foot when a pressurized hose flew out of control and sprayed my foot with water that was waaay too hot! I was working at Fuddruckers Hamburgers in Temple, Texas. My Dad wanted me to sue my employer. I’d already survived one lawsuit that was filed on my behalf thanks to my Dad. I didn’t need to go there again. I was only 18. LOL!

On the same foot, which is my left foot, I also have a scar about 2″ long on the outside arch. It’s so faint now – you can not really see it – but it’s there. When I was about 3 or so – I can’t remember exactly, my dear brother, George, tried to teach me how to chop wood with his hatchet. Unfortunately, when George went to chop the wood – he missed…and hit my foot. I remember hobbling into the house. I remember laying in a hospital bed. I remember it being very dark in the hospital room but it probably wasn’t – it’s just probably how I remember it. I remember a man walking into the room and talking about butterfly bandages. I remember my Mom carrying me into the house. I remember crutches but I’m pretty sure they didn’t give a 3 yr old crutches!! I remember people eating dinner when I got home! I remember my Gramma smiling at me and coming to get me out of my Mom’s arms. We lived in Port Isabel at the time with my Gramma and Grampa and Aunt Karen. I remember getting the bandages changed. Please, boys, don’t play with the hatchets…ok??
I also remember when George was supposed to be putting away the dishes and he was playing “Karate Kid” with the steak knives. And I was freaking out because he was scaring me and I yelled, “Stop it before someone gets hurt!” And I put my arm out making a gesture towards him and he accidentally stabbed me with the knife! It was a pretty clean stab, but you could see the muscle. I really needed to get stitches, but I knew my Dad would probably BEAT George if we told what happened. SO. Being the intelligent children that we were. We simply got out my Sr. Girl Scout handbook and found the first aid section and took care of things ourselves. My parents never knew about it until years later. I have a scar on my R. arm because of this. There’s a little indentation where you can see that I clearly should have had a stitch or two.

George really got us into a lot of messes. But I don’t care. I love him anyway. He’s a good brother. He survived a house full of insane women. He gets bonus points for that. LOL!

I miss being a kid and getting into trouble with George. We sure had a lot of fun!!