I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s faithfulness and how He continues to prove His love for us and His tender mercies in the tiniest of details that I never even thought to pray for!

I have met all of the children’s school teachers and the way God worked this all out has been so … oh I can’t really explain it!

Hannah’s Kindergarten teacher is a bilingual hispanic woman who has four daughters of her own. She is a little older and she is bubbly and cheerful but at the same time nurturing and warm and inviting. She speaks to the children in a mixed language which is great because Hannah LOVES Spanish!  She is patient with Hannah and Hannah is really  just blossoming in school. Hannah comes home every day with a dry pull up. She has stories to tell me and she’s making new friends. She loves her teacher – every afternoon she gives her a hug and kiss goodbye. Of all the Kindergarten teachers, Hannah couldn’t have been given a better one!  Hannah will also be getting the speech therapy that she needs from the school district. This is such a weight off my shoulders!!

Ean needs a lot of encouragement and positive reinforcement. He also needs someone who is very focused on a schedule and is calm natured. His teacher is all that and more. She utlizes positive reinforcement and lots of encouragement and “building up” of the children in her class.  She is very task-oriented and she expects the children to behave like young men and women. She is relaxed and always smiling – but she is also stern and does require her children to rise to the occasion instead of serving the lowest common denominator, if you know what I mean. This is exactly what Ean needed in a teacher. She is gentle and nurturing and very warm with the children – but at the same time, she has expectations for them, and she doesn’t bend the rules. I like that about her.

Adri’s teacher has ADHD!!  She is very young – probably in her first couple of years teaching. She is so much fun! She just adores Adri!  She raves about him all the time – he’s the best kid in class, he finishes all his work first, he is respectful and helpful and obedient. She said, “Are you sure he has ADHD??” !! She is a good friend to Adri. She is a perfect fit for him!  She reminds me a lot of my sister, Mary. I just love the way she interacts with the children in her class.

I have really been impressed with the elementary school. They utilize a Character Curriculum and they work on 9 Character Virtues which are integrated into every aspect of the child’s day. The children have “Self Manager” folders that they go over every day. And in the morning during announcements, the Principal talks about a different specific virtue. I just think it’s really great. It really helps augment what we do at home. The school has a well rounded curriculum too. The children have their basic courses. And in the 2nd grade class, all math lessons are hands on lessons. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT FOR EAN!!  He loves Hands on Math! They all go to music, PE and then on Fridays they all have Spanish class!  Adri is joining the choir. Ean wants to join Boy Scouts. I just love it – they are having so much fun making friends and getting into a school routine. I really just can’t explain the huge burden that is off my shoulders!

I’m not sure if I’ll ever home school again!