Since ending my unhealthy love affair with home education, I have experienced a most wonderful state of euphoria which I previously couldn’t even imagine.

I have a real sense of satisfaction that my children are in a positive, nurturing and stimulating environment being taught by people who seem to genuinely care about their welfare. I was thrilled when I learned about the Character Curriculum the school uses and intertwines in every single subject and throughout every activity and learning opportunity the children have. I truly appreciate that they make an effort to train the children in character along with the tasks at school. I do understand that learning to be honest, apart from God’s strength, is almost useless – but it’s nice that the school is reinforcing the same beliefs we are teaching the children at home! I feel like I have a true partnership with the teachers.

AND! I have found REAL PEACE while washing the dishes, folding laundry or mopping floors! I never knew I could actually ENJOY doing house work! I no longer have to be stressed out about being disciplined enough to get it all done because I’m no longer responsible for 100% anymore! I’ve delegated AND IT FEELS GOOD!!!!