Today – I did it – I officially quit home schooling. At least for a time. I just finished getting Adri registered for 4th grade! He decided, after Open House last night, that he, too, wanted to go to school. We bought school supplies today and tomorrow will go get some clothes – and viola!

I also found a Mothers’ Day Out program for Claire to go to. She was kinda bummed when we left the school last night and she realized she didn’t have a class room.

I can not explain the burden that has been lifted from my shoulders! And unless you’ve walked in MY shoes – you can’t possibly understand why I’ve kissed home schooling behind!

I’m so excited for the kids! This school year will actually be FUN and Productive – at the same time! Lots of hard work ahead getting kids caught up to their grade levels and settled into a school routine – but it will be very rewarding.

And, amazingly enough, I didn’t meet any rampant homosexuals or evil pagans roaming the halls of the school waiting to pounce upon my children! [read with sarcasm please, folks!] Imagine that! When I realized that my absurd fears based on contrived notions about the world were the driving force behind my “convictions” to home school it became very easy to throw those fears off and thank God, once again, for removing the shackles that have bound my spirit up for so many years.

Another layer of legalism comes off. Another layer of Grace is poured out. Thank God for HIS provisions! No matter how juxtaposed they are to my previous “Biblical” convictions.

Here’s to an exciting school year!