Tonight we took the kids up to their new elementary school to meet their teachers, drop off supplies and take a mini-tour of the campus. Ean is happy about going to school but Hannah is UBERexcited about the whole thing! She ran up to her teacher and gave her a hug! Ean was more reserved and took the, “Nice to meet you, too” approach with his teacher. Both children have wonderful teachers who seem genuinely interested in the children and the classrooms were nurturing, bright, cheerful and stimulating at the same time. The Kindergarten room was just adorable.

Adri was intrigued with the idea of possibly going to school. Right now it’s his decision to stay home or go to school. After seeing the school and the classrooms – I think he’s a little more interested than before. I am going to have a conference with the principal tomorrow or first thing next week to discuss placing Adri in school. The problem is he’s behind in his academics and so it will be a challenge to get him caught up – so I’m not sure what we’re going to do there.

The last two years of home schooling have been incredibly difficult for many reasons – some logistic, some personal. It’s very hard to be a full time home schooling mother when you don’t really have the support you need from your family. Friends are great – and we all definitely try to lighten each other’s load – but the challenge is…we are all busy trying to be full time “everythings”.

I don’t regret home schooling this far – but I am starting to see that if I don’t do something different RIGHT NOW at this point in my life – I will regret not taking advantage of the public school system. I don’t know if I’ll never again home school. I’ve definitely learned to never say never these days! What I once said I’d never do – I seem to be making the choice to do lately.

And you know what. It feels pretty good! I’m excited about being a partner in my children’s education and supporting them in school. I’m excited about not having to be in control of every second of their day. I’m excited about them having a relationship with a teacher who cares about them and has a real desire to see them excel both scholastically and personally. The elementary school they will be attending utilizes a character training curriculum to help children become self-governed, which is a necessary – and Biblical – part of growing up. Their program reminded me of the Beautiful Feet History Program we’ve attempted to use! We never get very far with it because I’m not really that good at juggling 15 things at once….but we spent a lot of time talking about being self-governed.

The curriculum at the school was ok. Typical elementary stuff. No, “Heather has two mommy” books on the Kindergarten reading list. Nothing out of the ordinary for the core curriculum. Definitely not Christian curriculum – but it is secular, public, school. They even have a “Minute of Silence” at the beginning of each day which gives the children an opportunity to say a personal prayer. It’s not ideal – but it’s better than nothing! I’m going to teach my children a prayer to say during their minute of silence.

I’m looking forward to having the kids in a positive, structured and stimulating environment. I feel so much peace in this decision. Will I have them in public school forever? I don’t really know. One day at a time.