Unless you know Hannah – you have NO IDEA what a milestone today is!!  She not only learned to READ the word C-A-T but she also learned to say it correctly!!!  Learning how to read has been the most therapeutic speech therapy for Hannah. It’s been SLOW progress but it has been REAL progress that SHE OWNS and I’ve noticed that once she learns to use a sound correctly, she rarely backtracks.

Hannah and Ean are both going into school this coming year. In just a little over a week, actually, they will begin Kindergarten and 2nd grade respectively. It’s my first year to ever delegate the education of my children to someone else and while I have my reservations, I’m keeping an open mind about the whole thing. I don’t plan to utilize schooling out of the home forever, but then I never thought I’d ever utilize it at all – so I’m guess I need to be careful about never saying things like “never, always and forever!”

I do need this year to get Adri back on track with his school work though and to work through some other personal issues that have blown my life out of the water. I hope that school becomes a great support network for us and not a proverbial albatross about my neck. Knowing I CAN pull them out of school *LIKE THAT* if I want does keep my anxiety down about the whole thing.

But for now – I’m going to celebrate – Hannah said CAT!  That’s so awesome!  YOU GO HANNAH BANANA!!