Last year I was invited to join Community Bible Study. I had never participated in a structured Bible study before and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to participate in the study the entire year. This go around CBS is spending an entire year studying the Gospel of Luke. I think it will be a great study and am looking forward to it. I don’t know, actually, for sure if I will be committing to it or not – but I do highly recommend the program for anyone looking for a structured Bible study!

CBS follows an inductive Bible study format with both small and large group discussions and teachings. The large group teaching is always full of wisdom. And they even have a place for children – including older home schooled children! Last year I found that the children enjoyed the Bible study as much as – or maybe even more than – me! They were totally disappointed when I explained to them that we were going to have to stop attending CBS last year.

To find out if there is a Community Bible Study available in your neck of the woods, check out ! I highly recommend it. It is interdenominational and non-judgmental and a very comfortable place for growing in the Word and in your relationship with God and Christ!

After coming out of the cult religion of reformed theology it was definitely a breath of fresh air to discuss the Bible with other normal people – not wanna be theologians who were attempting to control my life with their distorted version of Christianity.