I’ve not been blogging much lately. After last fall’s disaster with a fellow blogger, former friend, I just haven’t been able to really revitalize my desire to “blog about everything”. I’m a little paranoid, to tell you the truth, that so and so will read the blog and judge me. I know it shouldn’t matter but it does. I’m still recovering. An apology from her would be nice, but I won’t hold my breath.

So. In light of everything going on with me – which is always drama b/c that is the whirlwind of energy that surrounds me – I started journaling. For real. With a pencil. On paper. And it’s SO therapeutic. Knowing that only me and God know what’s written down feels really good.

This is what it feels like to set boundaries. I like it. No, world, you can not know every thought of mine. No, world, you can not be a part of everything in my life. And so no, world, you can not judge!

I always have felt like you have to be totally transparent in order to live a full life. Now I know that was a really bad idea that left me hurt, annihilated actually. There are parts of your heart that you should protect.

With boundaries.

Not walls.

There’s a difference.