Today I had lunch with someone who has become very special in my life and I’m thankful to God for His mercy in, once again, surrounding me with women who have walked in my shoes. Who have gone before me, so to speak, walked through the same fire, and have come out of remarkably well. Not without scars. Not without 3rd degree burns. Not all of them are in the same place. Some feel like they are still stuck in the pit of hell, some are in the midst of recovering from the fire – and others have not only survived and recovered from the disaster but they have risen, high above, the ashes.

Very figurative and symbolic there, I know. I’m having a moment. 🙂

And so today, I went to lunch with someone who has risen above the ashes of the fire that she had to walk through. She is a strong woman who encourages me to do the right thing, even though it will be hard. Her strength builds my confidence and I leave thinking, “Eventually, everything will be ok!” Her gentle nurturing personality is very comforting and I think, “I can survive this and not become a bitter old hag!” Her wisdom and her knowledge and her mentoring leaves me thinking, “I am Capable. Smart enough. Wise enough. Strong enough. Courageous enough. I CAN do that which must be done.” And while I certainly thank God for all those things which HE has instilled in me – pats on the back from friends go a long way in times like these.

I am all the more better because He brought her into my life at a time when He was removing another from it. I’m thankful for that.

And it’s funny. Because it’s juxtaposed to all my beliefs on God and how He works. LOL! Considering though that I’ve spent 6 yrs out of my 9 yrs as a Christian, growing up if you will, with suffocating theology (read: reformed Christianity) it’s no wonder my idea of how God works is completely askew.

I’m truly honored to have this person I went to lunch with today speaking into my life. I have so much respect for her and so much admiration for her and stand a little taller, stronger and confident after I have the pleasure of her company.

Thank you God, for real friends, who have walked 1000 miles in my shoes already. Friends who don’t judge, condemn or manipulate to suit their agenda. Friends who don’t read everything into every syllable you speak, or facial expression you make and attack you constantly because of it. Friends who don’t turn their backs on you when you need them to walk along with you. Friends who can understand what is going on and who don’t try and tell you which road is more “godly”. Friends who just love you, without reserve.

Oh what does Pizza Mia! have to do with anything? We ate lunch at Zio’s and that’s what she ordered and I just like the way it sounds! pee-zah MEEUH! With all the Italian bravado you can muster up!