Life is tricky. Decisions are made after taking into account the pros and cons of each situation and then praying and then waiting for an answer. The waiting part is hard. And while waiting you are still gathering more information and then praying more and then waiting … and waiting…

But I’ve learned over the past couple of years to trust my gut. I don’t know how to explain it in a spiritual way – but I really believe that God imparts wisdom to us, through the Holy Spirit, that sometimes doesn’t make any sense….because we see the world with such a limited perspective – and God has the big picture.

Sometimes He does actually ask you to do things that seem, to you and everyone around you, juxtaposed to Scripture. I believe that is because we have such a narrow point of view. I’ve even heard some Christians say, “Oh I can’t believe that is even a possibility with God. My doctrinal beliefs won’t allow me to consider that possibility at all.” It doesn’t matter the topic at hand – the fact is we all try to box God into some kind of doctrinal order of thought and that is fallible…because it’s man made. You can’t put God in a box. Well, you can create your own god and put him in a box I suppose. But not God.  There’s a difference.

The next season of my life is waiting to begin – but there are a thousand decisions to be made and each one has a thousand variables to them – and so I continue to pray. And wait. And what I really want is for God to just write something on the wall…or speak laudibly to me…or come to me in a dream and tell me exactly what to do. I don’t want to know the final outcome of my life (I already know I’m going to be attending a Wedding Feast!) – I just want to know – what is the correct decision to make regarding situation A, B, C, etc.?  The answers aren’t so easily found in Scripture.

So perhaps trusting my instinct, trusting that the Holy Spirit is the source of my gut instinct, will be how the decisions are made. After many more prayers and conversations with God and more waiting…. who knows….maybe He’ll send me an email.