Here’s a thought for you…

The Catholic Church claims it is the One True Church, founded by Peter the apostle. Yet we know the early church was Jewish because Jesus was a Jew and His apostles were Jews and they did not abandon their Jewish heritage just because the Messiah came. They still held church on the Sabbath, they still refused pork, they still observed the feasts…this would have all been a part of the “New Testament” churches. The only problem with calling the early church a “New Testament Church” is that the New Testament hadn’t been written when the Jews were holding church services after Christ’s Ascension. Technically, yes, it was in the process of being written, but it was not a point of reference for the apostles as they sought to lead other Jews to Christ.

So. If the Catholic Church is the One True Church which was implemented by Peter, then why is the Catholic Church not a Jewish church service? I mean, wouldn’t it stand to reason??

I don’t have the answer to this. I’m just kinda thinking about it….