If you are a guy – or if you have never had kids –  you probably don’t want to read the rest of this post. Just skip to the next one…. 

But for all you other ladies……I was perusing a website looking for wall decor. (That in itself is laughable if you’ve ever seen my house!)  And somehow I ended up in the ladies pajamas section of the website. They had some really cute pajama sets – capri’s and tanks and little shift dresses for nightgowns. They were really comfortable looking and modest and I was thinking to myself how I never look that great in little tank tops with capri’s.

And then I realized what was wrong with the picture!

Their manequins had either 1) never had children or 2) had a boob job. Because let me just be frank – no woman who has ever nursed a baby has boobs that sit that high and no woman who has ever been pregnant and nursed a baby should be walking around in ribbed tank tops without a bra on!!!! And if I have to wear a bra with the pajamas, then what is the point really? I’ll just sleep in Royce’s big t-shirts, save the money and put it towards a boob lift!