A local favorite has a new song…and it’s so cute!!   Terri Hendrix is from San Antonio and lives in San Marcos.

Click HERE to hear it – I am not installing a player but you have to hear – it’s so fun!

“The Spiritual Kind”
Terri Hendrix

I am the spiritual kind
I keep a cross in my pocket for some peace of mind
I hold onto it when I need a little faith
When I’m lost I find I’m the spiritual kind

I’m a little bit Catholic and a little bit Jew
I’m a little bit Baptist and Episcopal too
Some call what I say blasphemy
I’m the spiritual kind it makes no difference to me

My friend Cathy is the spiritual kind
She jumps in her Jacuzzi to clear her mind
She keeps a statue of Buddha by her hot tub
When her soul gets cold she gives his belly a rub

Now some folks say he is and some say he ain’t
But for me Saint Christopher is still a saint
When I get lost he don’t leave me behind
He’s always been guide for the spiritual kind

Now Antone and Jesse are up in heaven
Playin’ in the choir with their amps on eleven
Stubb’s is feedin’ every angel he can find
You know it’s blues and bar-b-que for the spiritual kind

The Dalai Lama says the art of happiness
Is learnin’ how to live on a whole lot less
To understand it all takes an open mind
You know I’m just another student of the spiritual kind