Brainwaves is my new category which I’ll use to archive the random thoughts I actually have to process inside my own brain every day.

Today’s Brainwave went something like this:

Everytime I put on my ballet tights and leotards, I’m reminded why I really do NEED to lose the last 15lbs. Of course I just end up taking them off and thinking to myself, “Well that wasn’t so bad afterall!”

And so the cycle continues!  LOL!  Oh well. Size 8 isn’t a BAD place to be. I keep thinking how I USED to weigh 181 lbs and wore a size 18. But I would really like to find a way to get the last of it off. Now I know why the last 10 lbs is always the hardest. For me, anyway, I’ve totally lost my resolve!! I’m at the “I look good enough in normal clothes” stage.

I would really like to trim down though before I take my Teachers Grade III test next March. I’m really praying about training for a 5k again. That was so helpful last year!

So there’s my brainwaves for the day. Stay tuned for more….. I’m sure your holding your breath….