Last weekend we brought home two puppies.  The first day or two was exciting. But that’s worn off. Now it’s just something else to take care of. I’m SO not a dog person. I totally wish my Aunt Bev lived near by because I’d give them to her as a heartfelt gift. At least, I’d tell HER that. 🙂 I’m really considering flying them up to New Hampshire.

One is really sweet and has a lot of personality and pretty compliant. The other one is like having Wishbone darting around your house. They must have some terrier mix in them because the little black one is SKITTISH! And stubborn!  And strong willed! I don’t like her too much. I think it’s one of those things where we are too much alike to get along.

Thank God that Hannah is a dog person. At least they will have 1 ally in the house.  Ha!

While standing outside in the rain, waiting for them to do their business….I came to the realization, which I’ve always known, that cats simply are just so much cooler than dogs.