This is my own little take on the Thursday 13 posts that people do. Only because it’s Tuesdsay and I can only think of 5 things to make into a list!

So. Here you go – and this is probably only funny to me…


Tuesday Top 5:
Five Reasons Why I LOVE
Going to Fiesta Texas With Royce
(aka the husband)
with 5th reason being the most important!
  1. He never complains when I decide that the next ride I want to go on is all the way on the other side of the park … you know… almost directly across from the ride we finished when I decided I wanted to go “all the way across the park”…
  2. He always lets me carry the map.
  3. He is totally cool with my “plan of attack” – our routine for the park: water rides first, shower, change into dry clothes, eat lunch, roller coasters. In that order. Every time.
  4. He lets me get on all the rides first.
  5. He willfully carries all the bulky, heavy tubes up the hundreds if not thousands of stairs that must be climbed and he never complains. I don’t even offer to carry the tubes anymore because I know it’s a silly waste of breath!