YES! I did it! I passed my Cecchetti Teacher’s Grade II exam with a Pass Commended!!

I think studying under Dr. Tenniswood has been the most rewarding experience of all though. She is a gem – and I am so blessed that she’s only 5 minutes away from me!

Passing my Gr. I Exam was an important step – I knew I could dance it but I was still insecure about my abilities to teach it. So getting a Pass Commended on my Gr. I Teacher’s Exam really sealed the deal for me and gave me firm sense of confidence in my ability to teach the fine art of Classical Ballet to others. But passing my Gr. II exam…that was – for me anyway – more of becoming an accredited Classical Ballet Teacher! It was total validation and affirmation – to have 2 well trained dancers who have had long careers in ballet say that I am worthy of a pass commended was really a huge boost for me. And not only that, but my exam was marked, “Very Nice” in the Allegro category. I asked Dr. Tenniswood if that was common and she said, “Yes!  I mean, no – not for you – it’s not uncommon for your allegro work to be nice quality – but in general we examiners rarely see nice quality of work in the allegro steps. So – that means you really impressed them!” 

One of my examiners was Renata Sanford. She teaches in Austin and is a cornerstone of the ballet culture there in Austin. She is FANTASTIC! She’s gorgeous and she has a beautiful style to her teaching – she is one of those ladies who just exudes the ambiance of a ballerina in everything she does. I’ve admired her for a long time and respected her as a highly esteemed expert in ballet. I studied with her briefly 10 years ago when we lived in Austin. And it was HARD work. And having her as an examiner did not make for an easy exam. She drilled me about several things and made it clear that I needed to work very hard on a few specific things – for my benefit (to become a stronger dancer) and for the benefit of the girls I’ll be teaching (So they don’t learn the wrong technique!). It was a joy to have her as an examiner.

My other examiner was Mrs. Kay Bliss. I’ve never met her before but she was so wonderful. Seriously, she just makes you smile because she is such a warm soul. You can tell. To be honest, it was like having my Gramma sitting there smiling at me the whole time. She was really just so nurturing and inviting. Makes me want to move to Florida to study with her! Ha!