I’ve been updating the blog as time allows. In a few weeks I’ll go back through and date all the entries so they are archived in the appropriate months. Seems like the blog has turned into a photo album these days, but I just don’t have much time to blog like I used to. Posting photos is so much easier!

The sad thing is that there are probably so many funny things that happen all the time, every day, that I am not blogging and so I know I’m forgetting. It seems like this past year has really just been 1 long hiatus.

The next school year is going to be a busy one with me opening the ballet studio, the boys playing soccer and our home school co-op all starting the same week. But I think by then we’ll be totally settled into our home and our routines and things won’t seem so out of control. Moving, even though it was just across town, really was a huge event in and of itself. Then add in all the renovations and updating that have been done, and that still need to be done, on the house – and that really does seem to add to the stress.

I am going to start doing more with the children, so hopefully soon there’ll be some funny things to post. In fact today we started a new Konos unit on inventors and inventions and we met with the Clayton’s for a co-op class where the kids got to build their own invention. It was so much fun – and so nice to be doing something productive together as a family again vs. just chores, errands and basic stuff like reading, writing, etc. We are also about to start having family church services on Sunday mornings and there’s no telling what stories will come out of that! We are also working on getting the bicycles back into working order so that we can start going on bike rides again – and I’m looking forward to that! Hopefully in the next year we will be able to get the house leveled and the kitchen updated and the bathrooms updated and you know….I could probably start a whole new blog about our house! HA!

Look forward to more photos to come – everything will be out of sync for a while and then I’ll go through and edit the posts to put everything in chronological order. Thank goodness that digital cameras date the photos for you!! HA!