In Bible study on Friday, Pastor M explained something so profound that I have to blog it to get it out of my system! I’ll do my best to explain it here as he did on Friday night.

I have to say that I love profound thinking. Existentialism was always fascinating to me. Camus was one of my favorite authors in my preChristian college days. It was the profoundness of thought that was intriguing. And for as much as I disagree with her philosophical ideals, I also have been interested in the writings of Simone de Beauvior – even though I think most of her existentialism was a byproduct of her relationship with Sartre. She seemed to be an easily influenced woman. (Which was contrary to existentialism but just goes to reinforce how ironic her life was!)

The Biblical Truth that was shared on Friday was not existential at all, in nature, because it is a Truth based on Biblical as well as Physical Laws; whereas the profound nature of existentialistic thinking is, in and of itself, a deceitful philosophy based on nothing but man.

At any rate…here goes my attempt to explain what Pastor M had to say. He was talking about being saved and how Jesus could die for each one of us, individually. How Jesus can be my personal Lord and Saviour AND your personal Lord and Saviour without being a contradiction since the Bible says He came to die for all. I have sometimes wondered how He could technically die for EVERYONE…haven’t you??

Time is infinite. There are millions of milliseconds for each second. It is infinite. And in that infinite amount of time did you know that there are no two people who are conceived nor who die at the exact same time? Never. It’s impossible. It doesn’t happen.

So, therefore, we are all coexisting with each other in different fragments of time. We live on different time continuum. We are coexisting on a flat time line here on Earth, but from God’s perspective we are in our own time zone. And in that time zone we are alone with God. It’s just you and Him. That is how Jesus died for YOU and You alone on the Cross. That is how He died for me and me alone on the cross. That is how God can hear all my prayers. Because He’s everywhere. All the time. He’s in each and every time zone 24/7.

And here’s another thought! When Pastor Mark said this it really caused my spirit to rumble and I can see that I’m in a growing process now – I think I’m finally going to understand what it means to have a healthy and loving fear of God. That teaching has been abused by the church – and certainly by most of the Christians I’ve been around for the past 5 years.

So – you ready for this???

God is sitting on His throne staring down at me 24/7 just WAITING for me to interact with Him. He wants me to come to Him and He’s readily available.

WOW! He’s just sitting up there watching me and waiting for me to talk to Him!?! I can’t really explain the feeling – the sense of innate knowledge that comes with the powerful understanding of this truth. There’s definitely a mix of a sense of security and a sense of loss….I’ve wasted a lot of time…