We have started attending a wonderful Bible Study on Friday nights with a local pastor. It’s very small and intimate and the teaching is better than anything I’ve ever experienced anywhere else. I took pages of notes the first night … and I couldn’t write fast enough.

We’ve ceased going to church. We just can’t find God in any church here in town. We try one and it’s ok for a few visits, but then the doctrinal differences are just too much and I can not come to terms with placing myself under inadequate authority. God is adequate. So we are going to be spending Sunday mornings together, worshipping as a family, and if God sees fit to send another family along to get together with for fellowship and a meal or something, well that’d be cool too.

We are going to be living an application of Eph. 6. After all, it’s not really a home school mandate….

Some interesting things I’ve learned so far in Bible Study which I’ll elaborate later:

1) I can’t “pray in my mind”

2) Meditation is not a silent activity

3) God is waiting for me to interact with Him

4) Praising the Holy Spirit is completely wrong. Praising Jesus is wrong! Songs that praise the Holy Spirit and Jesus are unBiblical!  Who are we to praise??  GOD THE FATHER!
5) The Holy Spirit doesn’t bring conviction for specific sins – it’s not his job!!!

6) The word, “Brethren” used by Jesus was referencing the Jewish countrymen – Jesus’ literal blood brethren by nationality — He does not use it to reference the general Christian sect of society!