I’m starting a new category here called “Bible Study Notes”. In it I will post the notes I took during Bible study and any extra meat that the Holy Spirit imparts as I take the initiative to be a Berean and go to the Word and study for myself. I will post the notes and then come back and add any Scripture references, etc, as I spend time through the week studying.

I’ve spent a good many years taking everything Christians said at face value. And that has resulted in a good many years of being deeply hurt by the Christians in my midst. I tend to presume that if someone is claiming Christ that they are actually Christians and speaking with some sense of authority through Christ. But the reality is that most of the people, ladies mainly, whom I trusted and befriended ended up showing their true colors – as insecure and hypocritical gossips. Some lied to my face about other Christians. Others gossiped about me in a way that skewed peoples opinions of me. While others simply put on airs so I thought they were one thing, and then it turned out they were something else entirely. Yes! Christians did this to one another. I’m sure I’m not innocent either…to tell you the truth. But I have learned from each experience and have come to truly realize that we are all sinners who fall short of the glory EVERY DAY. Saved or not.

But, I was impressionable, and I believed almost everything they said as if it were the Truth b/c I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were a “God Appointed Titus Two” woman sent to give me guidance and teach me how to be a Godly woman. Sadly, none of the ladies I’m thinking of really knew then and most don’t know now what being a Godly woman even means . The saddest part is that they are all still actively leading women into bondage, and still unaware that they are doing it – or simply unwilling to see the Truth.

All I can really say about myself is it’s my own fault. If I had spent more time pursuing God instead of spending time trying to learn from this lady or that friend or that woman…. well…. I only wonder where I’d be now. I am thankful for all the experiences because it has left me with a deep desire to dig, study and be ready to defend my Faith whereas in the past I just accepted what so-and-so said as truth.

This time I accept nothing as truth and seek to find God in the midst of it all.