I updated…look at all I’ve accomplished! HAHAHAHA (That’s a joke…) I feel like I’m just kind of “squeezing in” Hannah’s surgery. LOL! I actually forgot about a lot of things so I added some stuff in.

Hannah’s surgery is in 8 days 6 days and I have the following list I want to get done before then! This is insane:

  • Balance Checkbook, Pay bills, Plan budget for June
  • Identify leak in fire place
  • Schedule Termite Treatment
  • Call Dr. about medicine for me
  • Run Errands and deliver photos, cm stuff
  • Library
  • Mow lawn
  • Fix Master Bath
  • Decorate/Fix up Guest Bedroom
  • Rearrange Master Bedroom to make comfortable for guests and Hannah’s transition home (she will need to sleep in our room for a time)
  • Purchase King Bed Frame and install
  • Purchase new linens for king and guest bed.
  • Install baseboards and ceiling trim in living room
  • CLEAN THE HOUSE and get it organized again after a month of hiatus
  • STUDY for my test!!!!
  • And do all that WHILE sticking to this schedule
  • Babysit Mandy’s kids today
  • Make Hannah’s last Dr. apt on Friday
  • See Sean on Sunday I cancelled this!
  • Ean has soccer practice on Sunday afternoon
  • I have ballet class today and next Sunday afternoon
  • Beach on Monday and Tuesday
  • Ballet class next Weds.
  • Pick up Mom on Weds.
  • Surgery on Thursday
  • Ballet exam the following Sunday.

That is the scaled down version. I had actually planned to redecorate the guest room with a daybed and new bedding and new paint and new curtains….but…I’m out of time. I don’t actually know how I’m going to get all that done as it is.

I’ve been up since 5am thinking about it…. I finally gave in, got up, got it out of my system (blogging) and am heading to the shower to get the day started. I can get a head-start on cleaning the school room while the kids are sleeping!!!