Living Room, Before

I couldn’t take the wood paneling anymore!!!! So I decided, on a whim, that we needed to paint the living room. Little did I know what a project that would turn into!

Here is what the living room/dining area/kitchen looked like at the beginning of the project. The furnishings have all been pushed to the middle of the room.

This area fairly large – I don’t know the square footage of it exactly but we have a joke that we could fit our entire old home in just this one area of our new house! The kitchen itself is extremely inefficient. We will deal with the kitchen/dining room next year when we renovate that area. For now, new paint will suffice.

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  1. Wow am I out of the Loop!! I didn’t even know that ya’ll had moved! looks like a really nice place though! I can’t wait to see the after pictures! I love and miss you!


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