This morning when Claire woke up I snuggled with her. It was storming outside and she said the clouds were noisy and they scarred her! So we laid in bed for a while just snuggling. We were talking about this and that and she is just so cute – she really just melts my heart when we spend time together. I was feeling really thankful to have her and so I asked her if I could say a blessing over her.  She agreed.

It went something like this, “Dear God, thank you for Claire. May you bless her always. May you cause your face to shine upon hers. May you cause her heart to turn to you always. May you enable her to walk the path you have already set before her and to keep her on this straight and narrow walk. May you raise her up to be the woman of God you have destined her to become. May she be the mother of tens of thousands of children. May her children rise up and call her blessed. May she always be a blessing to her family and may she minister to others the gospel that is Love. May you protect her and keep her safe and close to you always. Thank you, God for the blessing to our family that is Claire. We love her. Amen.”

mermaid.jpgAnd then Claire says, “Jesus makes me happy.”
I said, “Yes, he does.”
She declares, “I think He’s going to make me into a MERMAID!”


Oh! She is just so cute!!