Today was the last day of ballet for this school year. Hannah’s class learned a 2 minute choreographed ballet that we presented to their parents at the studio we rent for classes. As a gift to the girls, I bought them all very girly tutus that I found at Toys R Us for $5.00 each! That is by far the cheapest recital costume EVER! Ha! I wanted to keep Parent Day very simple so the girls would enjoy it and not stress out over it. They did fantastic!

All the girls worked very hard this year to learn plies, tendues, grande battements, “butterfly arms”, arm lifts, echappes, gallopping, running and skipping like a ballerina, and of course…curtseying. We even threw in a turn or two, just for fun. This photo is of the girls dancing during the “butterfly arms” exercise. We spent a few minutes at the beginning of class demonstrating the exercises we work on each week in ballet.

In this photo the girls are presenting their tendue exercises. Hannah is the first child in the first row. She is SO cute and she loves ballet class. She was able to participate all year without any problems but about 3 weeks ago started to complain of pain in her lower back, where her curve is, when she jumped. So we modified her ballet dance – when the other kids jumped, she just did more tendues! I was worried this would stress her out, but instead she really seemed to understand why we modified her dance and she never forgot to “stretch her toes” instead of jumping. She was proud of herself and I was reassured that this is the right time to go forward with her surgery!!

Here they are at the end of their dance, in a circle, doing a little turn at the very end of the dance. There are a few older children in the dance – some of the Grade I students were recruited to dance with the little girls in order to give them someone to watch since I was not going to be dancing with them! They all (including the older girls) seemed to enjoy this!! Ha!

And the end….after the curtsey….they are all wondering what to do next! At the end of every ballet class I play a game with the girls. They have to run around the room as quiet as a mouse and if they get too loud, I pretend to be a cat, and I jump out and “gobble them up”! They LOVE this game and we play it every week. So, naturally, after this photo – we played the Kitty Game.

Thanks to Adri for taking these photos!

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