…jiggity jog.
But there’s no time to
Jiggity Blog!

We arrived late last night and went to bed ASAP….which meant another night of not getting to bed until midnight! The only problem with that really was that I had to be up at 5:45 to take Hannah in for another MRI. This time of her brain. (Yes, I have the films and yes, I am going to post them later! I haven’t seen them yet but I bet they are totally cool!) We were there until 9 and I thought I was the one who had been sedated…I was so tired!

Then I dropped Hannah off at home and ran to my ballet class. I only have a few classes left until my Gr. II exam in June and I didn’t want to miss. I finally got to take a nap this afternoon and it was GLORIOUS!! Me and the girls snuggled all afternoon. Pure bliss! But now I’m about to head out the door for another errand and really all I want to do is lay in bed with my pajamas and a good movie for the rest of the evening. Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow promises to be just as hectic. The car is STILL in the shop. (One or two more days… yikes!) We have our Parent Day at ballet and that will be hectic! So maybe tomorrow night I can blog photos of our trip. We had so much fun. Chicago is a great city! If you put Dallas, Houston and San Antonio together you still would not have a city as cool as Chicago!!