From Thursday’s Post: “Worst thing that could happen is we get the walls painted, hate the colors, and have to start over.”

Sunday morning aftermath…

I hate all the colors of paint I bought and am going to have to start over.

2nd time to try a yellow. Actually it didn’t look yellow at all on the color card. It was supposed to be a nice soft neutral color. It turned out yellow.

O for 2.

Have I mentioned how much I hate picking paint colors?

I don’t even want to repaint over the yellow. I just want to pull all the paneling down and that is exactly what I’m going to do. It’s disgusting and I hate it and it’s impossible to paint and it looks super tacky painted.

I am glad that I tried though because if I hadn’t tried painting it I wouldn’t have known how much I would have disliked it. So. I’m going to get started with the demolition!!

Let’s pray the sheetrock behind it is already taped and floated!!!

And no more yellow.

I now have 2 full gallons of yellow paint, 1 gallon of blue and 1 quart of gray that I will not be using.


Mary’s going to kill me.