When we bought the house we knew there had been previous termite infestation. The infestation dated 10 yrs back and had been treated vigourously by Terminix and then annual maintenance had been done to prevent reinfestation.


Sometimes you just can’t see them until you get into the walls.

And so guess what we found when we took down the rest of the paneling this afternoon?? That’s right!  We have Active Termites!!  YAY!!  Our very own to keep. Until The Bug Man gets here tomorrow to treat the house for them! Love the idea of having bugs eating my home. Cool. Glad to know i’m investing into a moldy, bug eaten, out dated home complete with tacky flooring and a wobbly foundation.

Who’s idea was it to move again??


But – good thing is – it’s treatable and so that will be taken care of and we’ll move on. We also decided to do a minor renovation to the living/dining area so that the dining room doesn’t seem so “cut off” and shoved in a corner. And that little renovation will create enough room for a pedestal dining table!  I can’t wait!! 

Additionally, the living room looks fantastic without any paneling!! I mean, I can see the potential finally. All the sheet rock behind the paneling was taped, floated, textured AND PRIMED!!  I could have saved so much money on primer if I had known that!!  Oh well, I’ll  use up that $80 bucket of primer eventually – I have 3 gallons left and only 150sf of wall space to prime!!  HA! 

All we have left to do on the living/dining room is:

  • Treat Termites
  • Remove one little half wall and Replace sheet rock
  • Seam up the new sheet rock and put joint compound on other areas that need it
  • Prime/Texture a few last areas
  • Paint Living Room, Dining Room, Entryway and Fireplace Mantle
  • Purchase, Paint and Install new trim for living room walls, doors and window
  • Install new ceiling fan in living room
  • Move chandelier in Dining Room … hmm….you know…maybe i need to purchase a new one!! Yes! I do!! Definitely!