My friend sent this link to me earlier today and I’m so excited! I wanted to share! I just downloaded The Velveteen Rabbitt. Complete with full color illustrations from William Nicholson – it’s the Classic Volume!And it was FREE! You can go onto and download classic literature FREE! Up to 5 books per day! I love this idea! I’m going to print of several short books to read to the kids and even a new guide to Chicago which will come in handy next week!

You can even keep your cart/wishlist filled and just download some each day! Clik on “Click here to join” near the top on the right hand side. If you decide to do it, please use me as a referral! Just enter my email address (swalston3 @ yahoo dot com – spelled and spaced out to keep from being spammed!!) when it asks if someone referred you.

The books can be searched by categories and there are a ton of classics, literature/poetry, children’s books, etc.

Pretty cool!!