In May we are going to CHICAGO!! We are leaving the day after my oldest son’s birthday and we will be there for my baby’s 3rd birthday! We are planning some really fun things to do to celebrate their birthday while on vacation.My WFMW tip is to find what resources are available to you and USE THEM! For example, my boys have been begging to go to a Lego Store for the past year. Well…there’s one in Chicago! And they are having a special “In Store” event the Sat. we’ll be there. They are having a Master Builder come in to build a 6′ Tall Batman and the kids in the store get to help! So we are planning to get there right at 9am and let the kids help build a huge Batman in the Lego Store and we’ll probably end up buying a few extra special Lego kits or something!

That evening we are all going to go to the American Girl Store for a fancy dinner in honor of the 3yr old’s birthday. She and her sister will be bringing their American Girl Dolls and the dolls actually get served real food too!! I think this is such a cute idea!! And yes, it’s expensive. And yes, it’s a bit overrated for adults…but it’s her birthday!! And we aren’t throwing her a party and we aren’t getting her presents…this is her present! You can even book a birthday party at the American Girl Store. There are only 3 stores in the country right now – LA, Chicago and NY – so this really is a huge treat for the girls! They are so excited!

And practically speaking – my birthday was last week. We had a simple celebration with donuts for breakfast. My husband had taken my children shopping the night before and I was truly blessed by the simplicity of the gifts given. Each child was encouraged, by Royce – this was all his idea!! – to pick out something that I could do with that child. So my 3yr old gave me a Dora the Explorer Puzzle and we worked together putting it together. My 5yr old gave me a Doggy Puzzle because, as she said, “You know I love doggies and I love puzzles and I love you, Mom!” Awww…my heart melted! My 7yr old picked out a little Lego set for me. Just two nights before we had a conversation about why I didn’t build with Legos with him. I explained to him that when I sat down with Legos, I felt dumb and silly because I didn’t know how to build with them. He looked at me with the most compassionate eyes and said, “Mom…you are not dumb! I love you. I’m sorry. I will teach you how to build with Legos!” So…naturally…he bought me a Lego set! And we had fun putting it together…together! My 9yr old bought a new card game. He knows I love card games and we have a lot of fun playing together. He was even so thoughtful as to pick out a card game that everyone would be able to play – even the 3yr old! He’s such a sweetie!

Royce gave me a gift certificate to The Wash Tub to get my car detailed. Like…as in cleaned with a Q-Tip! I’m so excited!! I’ve been asking for it for 2 years!!!