I will be coming back to this list over time. I spent a good chunk of time at the Library the other day picking out new readers for my newest reader. Ean has finally shown an interest in learning to read. Of course it all revolves around earning money, thanks to a local summer reading fest, but whatever works!

We use a KJV Bible that is in large type with pronunciation guide so my new readers can jump right into the Bible. We’ve both enjoyed having Ean read the Bible aloud to everyone during school time. It’s a real treat.

But in addition to that, we’ve forsaken all Phonics lessons for now, while he just spends time practicing reading through different 1st Level Phonics Based readers that are NOT “twaddle” books. We are using an Eclectic Reader from Christian Liberty Press that is similar to McGuffey’s but it’s called Sanders Union Primer. We are also reading books from the library. I wanted to archive the list somewhere, so when Hannah begins reading, I won’t have to spend hours filtering through the “whole language” readers and the inappropriate phonics readers again. Just because it’s “phonics based” does not mean we have to read books about children who manipulate their parents, are mean to their siblings or celebrate pagan holidays!!

This list is in the order we are reading them and I’ll add to it as we go so it should progress easiest to more difficult. It will be very useful to have this list available when the girls get bigger!

1) Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss
2) I’ll teach my Dog 100 Words by Dr. Seuss
3) Bears are Curious by….