My friend sent me this website earlier today and I’m about to go spend some more time reading through every single link. I think this may be the direction we go in the fall. I want to really commit this to prayer. I tend to just jump in and think, “Oh yes, that’s definitely what God wants for us!!” And then it backfires because I acted first and asked later. Isnt’ that what I’m ALWAYS spending time getting onto my children for?!?! Thank God that He’s so merciful with us!

They have some very nice reading lists for the different age levels. This reading list is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Even in other curriculums like Sonlight and Veritas Press, I have been uneasy with the reading lists because several of the titles suggested at the different age levels I personally know are not appropriate books for Christian children to be reading!

Anyway I just wanted to share!