Milestone moment coming up: Adri has now entered the land of ORTHODONTICS!! He’s very excited, too. He wanted me to blog about it because it is a milestone, a passage way into being a real, live, teenager. This has been a really exciting day for Adri, and I’m super proud of him. He’s going to be the best orthodontic patient our dentist has ever had! He even made sure to ask for a mouth guard so he wouldn’t get hurt playing soccer! He’s so responsible! I wouldn’t have even thought of that!!

This is Adri in the chair about to have his teeth polished. He’s really looking forward to picking the colors they will put on his braces. He picked Red, Orange, Yellow and Gray because those are the colors of fire and the gray is the smoke and he wanted to match his soccer team name, Nitro.

This is Dr. Tito Norris, the orthodontist, and Adri in the process of having the braces applied. I love the way Dr. Norris practices orthodontics. He doesn’t use those brackets that fit around the molars and Adri only has 8 braces with the wire running through the brackets and then glued down to the other teeth. Isn’t that amazing?? Ok it’s probably hard to explain on the blog, but believe me, it’s way cool. But no big brackets and no wire running all the way around Adri’s top and bottom teeth. A lot more comfortable and less traumatic than full braces.

Adri’s top and bottom 4 front teeth are being repositioned to allow his other teeth to grow in straight. Hopefully. Adri will wear these Phase I braces for 12 months and then be in a retainer for 2 yrs. And then he’ll be re-evaluated to see if he needs more work done.

And here he is – a new shiny smile! Pretty soon it will be a straight smile. No more ghastly overbite and cross bite and wide spacing on top and no more crammed in teeth on the bottom.

There are actually 4 brackets on his bottom row, but you can’t really tell that in the photo because they are so close together!

Growing up is good, isn’t it. It really is a lot of fun. Especially when you grow up WITH your children. HAHAHA Just kidding…

But here’s to you, Brace Face! Bravo on being a perfect patient this morning! Your grill looks good, Adri boy! We will affectionately call you Metal Mouth from here on out.

It’s obligatory.